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for High-rise Building Firefighting drone system
Model: FFDS-10


"POSEIDON, the world's first high-rise building fire suppression drone system," developed with 100% Korea technology.

In a high-rise building fire, immediate first action can prevent a major fire. POSEIDON can be placed on the roof of a building to respond quickly in the event of a fire.


Drone Squad Operation / Urban Safe-Operation
Killer Drone System
Model: KDS-150


A system for detecting, tracking and shooting down enemy drones approaching at high speed using projectiles for drone suppression, drone radar,
30X zoom & thermal camera,GPS, distance measurement technology, etc.


EOD Recoilless Disruptor
Model: KD-101


Completed issuance of a test report confirming a recoil absorption rate of 99.5%, close to recoil-free, from a nationally recognized testing institute (KTL)

"Ares," the world's first recoilless disruptor designed not to shock the robot arm when mounted on the robot.

Non-contact Explosives Detector
Model: KED-7


Apollon KED-7, a non-contact explosive detector manufactured based on nano-sensor optical technology, detects nitro explosive molecules such as TNT, RDX, and PETN.
It is the world's first nanosensing optical explosive detector to detect nitro molecules ejected
from explosivematerials in real-time.

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