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for High-rise Building Firefighting drone system
Model: FFDS-10


"POSEIDON, the world's first high-rise building fire suppression drone system," developed with 100% Korea technology.

In a high-rise building fire, immediate first action can prevent a major fire. POSEIDON can be placed on the roof of a building to respond quickly in the event of a fire.


Drone Squad Operation / Urban Safe-Operation
Killer Drone System
Model: KDS-150


A system for detecting, tracking and shooting down enemy drones approaching at high speed using projectiles for drone suppression, drone radar,
30X zoom & thermal camera,GPS, distance measurement technology, etc.


EOD Recoilless Disruptor


Completed issuance of a test report confirming a recoil absorption rate of 99.5%, close to recoil-free, from a nationally recognized testing institute (KTL).

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